Are you overwhelmed with your workload? Struggling with motivation? Or feeling mentally exhausted?

You may be suffering from Burnout.

Burnout by definition is ‘a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by prolonged stress.

According to Mental Health UK, 1 in 5 UK workers felt unable to manage pressure and stress levels at work.

Here are 3 of the most common signs…

Lack of motivation

Do you feel like you don’t care about the work you do, or perhaps your personal life too? If you’re struggling to get started on certain tasks and are no longer finding enjoyment in the activities you used to it, you may be experiencing burnout.

We’d recommend finding time in your day-to-day to do activities you enjoy, whether that’s going for a walk, doing something creative or phoning a friend. Continuing to do activities you enjoy will further give you a sense of self-worth.

You may find you’re struggling with motivation because you’re not enjoying the work you’re doing. If this is the case and it’s been on your mind, it may be worth looking for a new role.

Decreased Productivity

It’s not uncommon to have periods of excessive productivity and a few slower days; but if you find you’re struggling to complete tasks or have difficulty concentrating more so than you use to, you may be suffering with burnout.

Ask yourself whether more structure and guidance would be beneficial, it could be worth putting together an achievable day plan to relieve any self-doubt that may creep in.

Taking regular breaks is also known to boost productivity, even if you feel this isn’t the case, it’s important to give your mind a break.

Are you being recognised for your hard work? You may feel less productive if your work isn’t being appreciated. If you feel this is the case, try to boost communication between you and your manager.

You’re feeling overwhelmed

Being overwhelmed is an uncomfortable feeling, you’re likely to feel physically and emotionally drained no matter how much you’re sleeping. Perhaps you’re sensing a negative outlook on the present and future… it’s best to try and turn this around as quick as possible.

To overcome this, speak to your manager about job expectations from both of your perspectives to see what can be implemented to help. Most companies are happy to offer greater flexibility during tough times.  Make sure you get enough rest o allow your body reset, and if you want to go a step further, mindfulness has been proven to help.

3 Signs of burnout

If you’re experiencing any of these signs then it’s important to reach out, whether it’s to a friend, family member or colleague. 

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