E-Commerce has boomed ever since the covid-19 pandemic hit in 2020. In 2022, it was expected that the UK would have 60 million e-commerce users, with the average online shopping time being 2.4 hours compared to the in-store time of 1.2 hours.

With the living crisis now impacting online retail, what e-commerce trends can we expect to see in 2023?

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First Party Cookies

For numerous years companies have been using third party data – user’s age, location, and gender. However, in 2023 we expect to see an increase in first party cookie usage. This data allows highly specific information to be used which the individual has provided the business. This data is solely held by the website visited and not your overall internet activity.

By using first party cookies, companies can draw their attention in showing the user products they actually want.

With consumer e-commerce now accounting for approximately 30% of the total UK retail market (US International Trade Association), first party cookies could increase sales to the next level.

Artificial Intelligence

AI can already be seen by users in the form of chatbots which are commonly used to answer customer queries to improve sales. This can be taken to the next level by using predictive AI. Businesses will be able to tailor their marketing and landing pages based on user behaviour, i.e., where the user clicks first on a website.

This will also improve advertisements to be more tailored and by using AI bots such as ChatGPT, companies can gather inspiration for their copy.

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Changes within SEO

As algorithms across the internet change, companies alter their SEO strategy to try and improve their online presence. 

The latest SEO changes are bringing an increase in tailored content to target customers throughout their user journey. This will involve both short and long-tail keywords being the focus. The ways in which SEO is optimised can make a huge difference in driving business and clients to a company. More companies are turning to generating a higher yield of feedback and testimonials to help spread the words about their business which will boost their search engine ranking.

Relationship Building

In 2022 we saw more companies attempt to build a community with their users than ever before. Catching your customer’s attention when the market is saturated is difficult, but what better way to engage your audience than through short form video content. TikTok and Instagram are currently booming with content from company promotion videos to user-generated content both of which are helping draw in the sales.

Moving into 2023, we can see this continuing along with the rise of influencer marketing.

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