Are you debating a new turning point in your career?

Before applying for a new role, it’s a good idea to know what you’re looking for, and the WHY behind your application to a job ad.

Without this, you’ll spend hours applying to a mixture of roles which may not be best suited to your skills, after all, you should still be tailoring your CV for each application.

Let’s delve in to some questions you should be asking yourself…

What skills do I have?

First things first, have you thought about the skills you currently have and how these could carry into your new role?

Technical skills (your specialised knowledge) can help you find niche roles suited to people with your skillset, whereas your soft skills (personal qualities) will guide you into your next role with ease. 

It’s worth noting all the skills and qualifications you have, to see what different job titles are out there and what you’re qualified to do.

Does this job align to my career goals and interests?

What are your drivers to work? Knowing what your short and long-term goals are will give you greater understanding if the job you’re applying for will give you the career you’re after.

Now’s the time to think about the industry you’re interested in, the company culture you want to work within, and the job responsibilities you’re happy to have. After you’ve narrowed down to industry, you can see what salary and benefits similar roles often give and whether you’d be happy with these.

Does this job align with my values and the culture I’m looking for?

When you’ve thought about the role, responsibilities, and salary, next up is finding a company that aligns to what you’re looking for.

Before applying straight to a job ad, do some research on the company – find out their mission, values and what former employees have said. A good place to look for reviews is Glassdoor.

If you’re applying through a recruiter in our team, we will provide you with all the knowledge and links about the company, so you can easily look and see if it’s for you.

Would I be happy having these responsibilities?

Take a look through the job description and review all the responsibilities mentioned, in most companies these are flexible, and you’ll have a mixed day of a variety of tasks. The job description will clarify what you can expect, so it’s up to you if you believe they’re tasks you’re happy doing.

Remember, apply for jobs you’ll genuinely enjoy and you’ll get much more satisfaction out of the process.

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