Feeling anxious about starting your new role?

We all know how daunting it can be starting at a new company, especially if you had been at your previous job for quite some time.

Perhaps you’re scared of the unknown and what the team dynamic will be like; well, be rest-assured, we’ve all been there.

With these top tips you’ll be able to put these nerves at bay.

You won’t be expected to know everything on Day 1

The team will understand you’re new to the company and it will take a short while to adjust to this new way of working. You could help yourself by preparing as much as you can, for example, refreshing your knowledge if you feel it would be beneficial. 

Remember to ask questions throughout your first few weeks, no matter how small they seem, this will increase your knowledge on your role and the company.

Don’t act ‘too big for your boots’

Equally as important and on the other end of the scale… don’t act ‘too big for your boots’. Particularly in your early days of being in a new company, this can come across as asserting dominance which can be intimidating to the team members. This cocky behaviour can cause an unsettled feeling, leading you to become more of an outsider.

Instead, treat all the team members with respect and they will replicate this feeling. Practice active listening as this will be the best way to learn about the company and will lead you to become a respectable figure.

They wanted you

Whenever you get the wave of anxiety remember, they wanted YOU to join the team. The company believes you have the skills and abilities to fulfil this role, don’t let self-doubt push you back. 

Approach this opportunity with a growth mindset and your self-confidence will improve with time, the key is to remain positive and resilient. Remember you’re bound to have some hiccups. Mistakes may be made in your first few weeks, but you won’t be the first nor last to do this.

The root of the anxiety

Many people experience anxiety at some point in their life. If you can, try and think about where this anxiety may have come from – have you had a similar experience before which has triggered this emotion?

It may help to ask yourself some questions to reassure yourself, talking through these feelings out loud can often help ‘offload’ these thoughts.

New employees tend to worry whether their new colleagues will like them, usually these worries are just a build-up of thoughts and once you’re stuck in, the feelings drift away.

If it helps keep the anxious thoughts at bay, take notes throughout your first few days so you don’t have to worry about forgetting important information. 

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