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Below are 5 commonly asked Infrastructure Engineer interview questions along with our suggestion on how to best answer.

Describe a project where you leveraged cloud services?

The interviewer wants to assess your knowledge of cloud platforms, particularly the one the company uses. They will also want to hear your ability to architect cloud-based solutions, and your familiarity with cloud tools.

How do you ensure the security and reliability of infrastructure systems?

This is your chance to show your understanding of industry standards and how you maintain best practice to protect infrastructure systems from potential threats, and vulnerabilities.

Describe a time you managed a complex incident; How did you identify the root cause and resolve the issue?

Focus on examples which showcase your technical expertise, how you communicate with the team around you and your process of problem-solving.

Describe your familiarity with disaster recovery?

Highlight your ability to plan, implement and maintain disaster recovery to reassure the interviewer that you are aware of industry standards and how to protect their systems.

How do you manage conflicting priorities with tight deadlines?

This will allow the interviewer to see what your time management skills are like. Highlight your ability to meet tight deadlines and make informed decisions.

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