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Below are 5 commonly asked IT Manager interview questions along with our suggestion on how to best answer.

Describe your experience with software development and deployment.

Make sure to use examples of your previous projects, highlighting your key skills, knowledge, and experience. Focus on the projects which are most similar to the company’s and elaborate on any familiarities.

Do you have experience training IT personnel on how to perform their jobs more effectively?

As an IT manager you may be expected to have had some experience managing and training a team.  Use examples on how you’ve helped your team previously to learn new skills or stay motivated.

Which IT management software tools are you most familiar with?

This question is to determine how experienced you are with various tools, particularly the ones the company uses. Mention the tools you’re most confident with and how you utilise them.

There is a new type of software that you’ve never used before. How would you go about learning how to use it?

This helps the interviewer see how well you adapt to change and new elements of work. Mention times where you’ve had to up-skill, learn new processes and systems and the steps you take to make sure you’ve learnt everything you need.

What is your experience with managing large IT projects?

The interviewer wants to see how you balance managing a team and projects which may come with challenging tasks. Highlight your leadership, problem-solving and communication skills.

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