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Below are 5 commonly asked Business Analyst interview questions along with our suggestion on how to best answer.

Describe a time when you had to deal with conflicting stakeholder requirements. How did you manage the situation and ensure a successful outcome?

The interviewer wants to know how you will handle conflict and make informed decisions. Highlight your communication methods and how you would approach the stakeholders.

How do you ensure that your recommendations are aligned with business goals and objectives?

As a Business Analyst you will be working alongside business goals – The interviewer wants to know you understand the business context and ability to prioritise certain initiatives.

What techniques or tools do you use for requirement elicitation and documentation? 

The interviewer wants to see if you’re familiar with industry standards. You could mention how you would gather information from stakeholders, structure collaboration, or discuss the types of documentation you have previously created.

How do you handle resistance to change from stakeholders during the implementation of a new system or process? 

You may be faced with some resistance whilst in your role as a Business Analyst. It’s important that the interviewer believes you’ll ensure smooth transitions and

that any resistance is managed effectively.

Give an example of a business problem you faced and how you approached it using data analysis and modelling techniques.

Make sure to use clear examples of where you have analysed data, employed modelling techniques, and presented your findings.

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