It’s 2023 and soft skills are still making a difference in recruitment decisions across the country. Soft skills are personal qualities which aren’t taught unlike job-related knowledge, but more what you pick up throughout your life.

Everyone will have accumulated soft skills each of different levels, you can fine-tune, up-skill and acquire more as time goes on. Depending on your abilities, you may outshine in one area but struggle with another. But most importantly they all add value to your CV.

The following 5 soft skills are what employees look for when hiring tech professionals.


Now this is a given, effective communication is important in any work setting, however in the tech sector miscommunication is costly. Communication is the foundation for trusting relationships, it encourages compromises and active listening. 

You will need strong communication in all areas, particularly written and verbal as you’ll encounter many emails, phone calls and meetings, especially if working collaboratively within a group.


The tech world is fast paced, you need to be able to adapt and upskill to keep up to date with any advancements and technologies. We see a lot of people who have been out the tech industry for just a year or 2 having to catch up with learning the latest software and automation systems. As a tech professional, ideally, you’ll be able to learn quick and embrace the wave of change.

5 soft skills for tech professionals


If you’re within a tech team, the ability to lead is a well sought after skill, even if you’re not in a managerial position.  

Those with leadership skills inspire the team around them, they understand the value of motivating and helping others to drive change in an organisation.


You’ll come across many technical issues within your projects so it’s important you know how to keep a cool head and think critically to come up with a varying solutions. Problem-solving will combine both your technical and non-technical skills as you may encounter problems within your team which need to be ironed out calmly and professionally. When problem-solving try and think of out the box and analyse the issue from multiple perspectives.

Time Management

This is a soft skill that both permanent and remote workers need in order to carry out their role within the tech industry. It’s likely you’ll be working on multiple projects and share different responsibilities amongst your team. You will need to be able to manage your time effectively and prioritise the time-constrained work in order to meet your deadlines.

Think of how you can organise your workload better and get used to multitasking without making errors.

Fine-tuning your soft skills are ultimately going to help both your work and personal life. Remember to mention what soft skills you’ve developed and give real-life examples at your next interview. Employers want staff who will be able to bond well and get the job done.

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