Are your employees engaged?

Employee Engagement can make a huge difference in whether a company flops or progresses forward. If your employees feel involved within the business, they are more likely to have a better performance and job satisfaction. This will reduce your staff turnover rates and lead to an improved motivated team to support the company’s growth. 

If your employee engagement is currently on a downward slippery slope, here are 5 tips we’ve put together to increase the enthusiasm within your team.


Have open and honest communication between employees and management to encourage growth. The opportunity to share ideas, worries and track how things are going, could give great insight on how the business looks from a different perspective. It would also be beneficial to your employees to have transparency regarding the different career paths they could take within your company.

Provide Opportunities

By providing your employees growth opportunities, you’re allowing them to scale up with the company. They will also appreciate the investment you have given them which will make them more likely to stay within the company for a longer duration. The opportunities you could offer vary from regular training to mentorship and leadership programmes. The chance to be involved with decision-making would also be beneficial to help staff feel more invested in what they’re doing.

Trust and Freedom

Whether it’s trust with a client, or providing flexible working, giving your staff freedom to make informed choices about how they work best creates a stronger working relationship. Many employees now look for flexible working when choosing a workplace and want a workplace where they feel they will get the support they may need.

Positive work culture

We spend the majority of our week and life at work, so of course employees want to work somewhere they feel happy and valued. To improve employee engagement, foster an inclusive work culture where employees have the space to speak their thoughts. Diversity and Inclusion are also at the top of job-seeker’s thoughts. If you’re looking to expand your team, having a diverse range of staff where there’s individual support where needed is a great way to start. Having a positive work culture could also be shown through teamwork and encouraging employees to support and help each other. 

Rewarding employees

To make employees know they’re valued, provide incentives for them to work towards. Whether it’s through a reward scheme, a bonus programme, or a small gesture, showing appreciation can go a long way and make your employees feel more valued in the workplace and less likely to look elsewhere for a new role.

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