Product design is the process of ideating, developing, and refining products to meet specific market needs.

Good product design can make the difference between your product exceeding or flopping.

So, how can you ensure your product is the best it can be?

Today we’re discussing 9 principles of product design to help you decide the best solution for your end user.

Remember, if your product is a success, it’ll lead to brand loyalty and a memorable experience which will only benefit your business further.

Understand Your Audience 

This is integral to the success of your product, understand their needs, wants and desires to ensure your product meets expectations.

Be Aware of the Design Trends 

Staying ‘in the know’ of latest trends can help you stay ahead of the competition and create a product that fits in with the modern market.

Value Functionality 

With your user in mind, your product should be able to perform it’s intended task in the most efficient way possible to achieve optimum results.

Understand Ergonomics 

How can you create your product to fulfil their experience, understand the physical and cognitive elements of your product and how you can ensure it’s user friendly.

Incorporate Universal Design 

Ensure your product is inclusive and accessible to a variety of users so you can meet the needs of your target audience.

Design for Sustainability 

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important as more companies are heading towards an eco-future. Don’t forget to make your product as sustainable as possible.

Simplicity is Key 

Keep it simple and easy to use. A good product design should not require extensive user training.

Consider Aesthetics 

Aesthetic products often grab an individual’s attention more than anything else. Consider how visually appealing your product is and how the user may perceive it. 

Test Out Your Design 

You can never do enough, it’s important to test throughout the prototype and development stage as this can save you a lot of time, money, and resources.

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