Ever thought about being your own boss but not sure how to go about it?

As you sit and look around your recruitment office are you thinking – Hang on, I’m the top performer, I am better than my manager but I can’t advance my career!

For some the answer is simple – set up your own recruitment agency. Whilst the barrier to entry into the recruitment industry has never been lower, to do it properly and to produce genuine wealth creation opportunities it requires significant upfront investment.

There are many organisations out there who will help set up a recruitment business – they will provide a website, payroll, empty CRM system i.e. the very basics required. You can then grow the business but you still need to provide the cash to do it;

New hires – you pay for. New job board – you pay for. New tech –  you pay for, and the list goes on.

So how does our Partnership model differ?

We fund every step of the journey; salaries (including yours!), payroll, office space, CRM, website, marketing and back office. All this and we don’t ask for ANY personal investment.

Oh no I hear you cry – it’s the old Share Option Model – you know the one, where the business owner tells you that you are going to be a millionaire, but, in reality, very few people ever see those options come to fruition. Then what happens? People leave out of frustration or the business owner decides not to sell and you are locked into a timeframe that you have no control over.

What if you could control when you cash in on your business unit? What if you could write your OWN exit plan instead of relying on someone else?…….

Introducing The Engage Partnership model

We believe our approach is different; through our innovative “Partnership model”, we are seeking to organically grow the business by allowing the very best entrepreneurial talent to create and grow their own recruitment brand while benefiting from the extensive resources and experience contained within the wider group.

As a Partnership Director, you will be given a geographical region, within a sector specialism. We are looking to rapidly grow the business across the UK, with dedicated offices in the 4 key cities of Bristol, London, Birmingham & Manchester.

So what do you get?

  • Basic Salary
  • Top of the range technology – high spec 2-1 laptops perfect for client meetings and working from home
  • 23” monitors in the office to dual screen.
  • Freedom to grow your own business as big as you can
  • LinkedIn Recruiter licence for ALL your staff
  • Access to market relevant job boards with advertising spend
  • Flat 20% personal commission
  • Up to 25% annual profit share
  • Up to 25% of 3 years profit as a LTIP incentive

These %’s will never go down – regardless of how big you grow your business!

We firmly believe that if you are a market leading specialist at the very top of your game and really want to have an opportunity to build a business and change your life, then there is no better model or proposition within the industry today.

The opportunities are endless

Engage Technology – Engage Engineering – Engage Finance – Engage Retail – Engage Education – Engage Sales – Engage Marketing – Engage Public Sector – Engage Health – Engage Energy – Engage O&G – Engage Construction – Engage HR – Engage Insurance ……….

The rest is up to you.

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