Today marks the 100-year anniversary of the Votes for Women campaign, so I thought I would write about how I believe recruitment is one of the industries that lead the way in equality, both in pay & career advancement.

Working in recruitment now for some 24 years, from trainee to consultant to manager to Director to business owner, I can categorically confirm that I have never worked in an organisation that paid a female less than their male counterpart or been on any form of different bonus / salary scheme. I can also say that recruitment is an industry that is truly meritocratic; it really does promote on ability, not on time served, not on age, not on your gender.

I have worked for, alongside and employed many fantastic individuals, many of which are female. Below is merely a snap shot of my career and a few of the great ladies I have had the privilege to work with;

Computer Futures Birmingham

Sally Janavicius – started on the same day I did – and out billed me and then some, now living in the USA.

Samantha Livesey (nee Freeman) – one of the stars of the Birmingham CF office and one of the first to be promoted to team leader – now business owner at CV Bay Ltd.

Tamsin Connor – I can’t remember anyone who went on a run of 7 placements every month, month in, month out for so long. Now a Project Manager with Sky.


Computer Futures Edinburgh

Rhona Hutchon – was one of the longest severing members of the office and a formidable biller and business lady – now a Senior Director at Harvey Nash.

Rebecca Shepherd – my direct boss. Support, praise & the relevant boot up when I needed. Liked by everyone in the office but also very much respected.


Reed Technology

Vicki Hamilton (nee Muldoon) ran the Manchester office which was always a star branch for Reed. The now current Senior Director at Reed Technology was one of Vicki’s team leaders at that time.


Timothy James Consulting

Sarah Wilton – Sarah ran Perm – I ran contract – we were the dream team that grew this business together that saw James Caan want to and did come in and buy it. Sarah has gone on to run and own Volaris Exec a senior appointment agency with great success.

Clare Trotter – relocated from Ireland to Bristol with her then boyfriend now husband, top biller, team leader, set up the Manchester office and became a Director. Clare went on to set up the Amsterdam office for OPUS.

Christine Christodoulou – Built the NHS Division from the ground up (after the inspiration and initial concept from Leah Mahtani) this was the single highest grossing division within the history of TJC. Christine went on to have a great career with ReThink and more recently as an investor & Director with Revoco.

Alka Graham – headed up the local government division, I believe was the highest ever personal biller in the history of TJC. Never known anyone with so much passion.


Talent International

Clare Trotter – I approached Clare after she had left OPUS and introduced Clare to Talent. Clare set up from scratch and now runs the Amsterdam office.


The Engage Partnership

Alex Clatter – its early days for both Engage & Alex but I know that Alex will go on to do great things

I really could go on and on. The list that I wrote down has another 23 names on it, all with amazing ladies that I have worked with. So sorry for those I have not highlighted in this short blog but you all know who you are and the amazing things you have done.

I don’t pretend to put recruitment up on a pedestal as the model industry and the perfect working environment, we all know that its less than perfect. However, when it comes to equal pay and opportunities I do believe that the industry can stand tall.


By Andy Backhouse

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