It feels weird to finally have a place within the ‘real’ working world. This is the constant mind set I’ve had since the confirmation of my trainee role within The Engage Partnership and it’ll likely only go away once everything starts in full swing. One would think that university would prepare you for everything you could possibly want, but the reality of it all is that whilst it may prepare you, the skills are not obvious and require some personal reflection to bring out.

When I left Staffordshire university, I felt successful with my time there, but also felt utterly lost in terms of a new direction as I had graduated with what was effectively a degree in my hobby of music journalism. It was certainly a strange feeling, knowing I had achieved a lot but In reality nothing at all. It was back to square one after being so sure that my journalism degree would take me to the moon and back, but in the face of this problem it became apparent that this was the first trial of adulthood. Appreciating that things don’t go your way and that a new plan is always needed. My Dad used to say that “it’s all well and good having a plan, but no plan meets first contact with the enemy” and this was a great example of that.

Regardless of this position I found myself in, I needed a job. I wasn’t interested in travelling and whilst mooching around like some graduates do might’ve sounded good, you can’t survive on fresh air alone. After deeper thought, it became apparent it wasn’t just a job, but a career path that I wanted the most. This desire for progression, alongside the new found displacement leaving university left me with, I was able to motivate myself to research fervently; research that would eventually turn me onto the recruitment industry.

Having decided that recruitment offered the complete package for me I proceeded to apply exclusively for these roles. It was difficult to say what really drove me to pursue recruitment, but having decided that I didn’t want to be poor anymore the money was certainly a driving factor! After an unsuccessful application from my first ever interview process (the company in question had me work a full day, with little context to the work I was doing all whilst telling me how I failed after each phone call I made) I sucked up the rejection and moved on. I still had no job offer, and my confidence and drive to continue was wavering; Enter The Engage Partnership.

Ben Gill called me from Engage and we quickly set up an interview. I had two interviews on the day and also worked the previous night, finishing at six in the morning, so had zero hours sleep going into both of these interviews. I was flagging by the afternoon, but decided to simply drop the stress of all my previous rejections and walked into the interview with Ben with as much confidence as I could muster. What followed was what I felt to be my strongest interview, despite the lack of sleep and the fear of more rejection.

After the weekend, I hadn’t heard from Ben and I began to get somewhat apprehensive about my chances. Following this initial call, I was still left without an answer so I called Ben again the following day. I didn’t call once, but three times leaving a voicemail and an email. I later found out that Ben was testing my perseverance and as a result of this bloody minded approach, Ben offered me the job and the biggest wave of relief washed over me! Quickly after, the weird feeling of officially being an employed individual began to creep in and then the realisation that I had a job in the incredibly competitive world of recruitment with a fantastic and exciting company sank in. It was both exhilarating and terrifying. Nevertheless, I’ve been on the training program here at Engage for the last week and I am absolutely loving it!


By Ed Sims (Trainee Recruitment Partner)



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