We are appealing to everyone in our network to support Talented, Financial Ukrainian Women that have recently travelled to the UK to flee the horrific situation that they, and their families face back home.

Ekaterina Rowell, who has created a support network group for these women (which grew to 800 members in 2 months) says: “I am extremely grateful to Tim Murray-Brown and The Engage Partnership who have stepped in to offer advice and practical help. One of the British values is helping the vulnerable ones, and I am humbled to see so much kindness and support from people around me. However, the hardest times for the Ukrainian ladies are yet to come. They want to work in the country which offered them home using their strong finance experience, work ethics and wonderful personalities. However, a lot of them are in despair that they could only work as cleaners. We seriously need your help and would be incredibly grateful”. 

These women are talented finance experts, many of whom have professional qualifications. All these women have a 3-year right-to-work from day 1 of entry into the country. 

They have faced their homes being bombed. Often, they have little information about their partners who continue to fight on and can lose their lives any moment. We all see the horrific news about destroyed cities, killed women and children… there are real human tragedies here and we can do our little bit to support fellow human beings.

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Contact us:

If anyone has a suitable finance role which may be of interest, please contact info@engagewithus.com with a job description. We will do our best to connect you up for a discussion.

We would also welcome offers for temporary voluntary work in finance (to enable the ladies to boost their English skills) and job mentoring. Any help is appreciated!

We would be grateful if anyone reading this could help spread the word. There is no recruiter fee for any placements.

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