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DEI Policy

At The Engage Partnership we are committed to ensuring ‘difference’ is celebrated whether that’s internally or externally – supporting our clients and candidates.

As per the 2010 Equality Act, we ensure both our internal team, and external talent are free from discrimination of protected characteristics.


We foster a work culture which is inclusive and respectful of all members of staff.

We celebrate our differences, as after all, this is what has led to the success of Team Engage. Each and every one of our recruiters has come from a different background and brings a unique perspective.

Our aim is to continue to build our workforce to reflect the diversity of the communities we recruit within. 

At present, our office stands at: 

50:50 Women:Men ratio

27% LGBTQ+

18% Neurodiverse 

How we support our clients:

We ensure we can provide you with an unbiased talented pool of candidates who can meet your business needs and help drive innovation.

To ensure our job ads are accessible for all, we keep them simple, straight to the point, and ensure each advent has gone through a gender-decoder to avoid any bias. 

At present, our woman in tech placement percentage stands at c32%, this is double UK national average at c15%. By 2025, we aim to raise this by 10%.

We provide more than just recruitment. To name a few, we help our clients with onboarding advice, how best they can support their workforce, and industry insights so they can continue on their upward trajectory. 

If you’d like to discuss more with a member of our team, please call 0117 450 7700 or send an email to info@engagewithus.com.

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