Having the right keywords in your job application is essential to boosting your chances of success. It can really make the difference between being rejected and securing an interview.

Today we’re outlining how you can use keywords to optimise your CV to get noticed from just one glance!

Before we begin, there are 3 crucial factors to consider when choosing your keywords.

  • Length
  • Relevance
  • Popularity aka is this term commonly used

Identifying appropriate keywords

When you’re applying for a tech job, it’s especially important to use the right keywords in order to demonstrate specific capabilities and highlight your expertise. 

Start by reviewing the job advert, look at all the tech skills required along with any industry-specific terms. 

See which of these skills you have experience in and make sure to include them on your CV. 

Don’t forget to check out the organisation you’re applying to or ask the recruiter for more details on what they’re looking for, and tailor your CV to suit. 

Many job applications are put through algorithms so your CV will only be noticed if it picks up on these terminologies. 

Incorporating keywords into your CV

Make sure to be honest on your skillset and don’t just stuff your CV with keywords which don’t match your experience level.

Choose places in your CV where these particular skills were relevant to show you’ve used these in a diverse range of places. 

Having too many keywords in one section can make you look inexperienced and as though you’ve copied the ALL job requirements to your CV.

If you want to make your keywords stand out further, put them in bold or have a small section at the top of your CV that outlines your core skills.

Keyword examples for software development roles:

  • Your job title
  • Key programming languages i.e. Python
  • Database types (i.e. SQL server)
  • Frameworks (backend or frontend i.e. Angular)
  • Type of technology (I.e. Cloud)

Remember, for each job application you make, tailor your CV to be specific, this will avoid you cramming in everything on to 1 page.

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