Starting a job in the world of technology can seem both thrilling and daunting. Whether you’re fresh out of university or transitioning from a different field, starting a new position can be overwhelming.

You’re likely thinking ‘Am I going to live up to expectations?’ or ‘How can I make the most of this opportunity?’. 

To help you get the most of your first tech job, we’re providing key tips and trips to help you develop professionally. 

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Make an Impression

Being enthusiastic and proactive about the work you do will make a great impression on those around you – not only will the managers think you’re doing a great job, but you’ll be motivating and inspiring your co-workers to do similar.

Professional Development 

Setting yourself some goals to work towards will help you in monitoring your progress. Make sure to create small steps to shape your career path as you wish. 

If the company provides a mentor or 1-2-1 support, utilise this as much as possible as they’ll likely be able to offer feedback, advice, and a different perspective to your queries.

Alongside work it’s important to remain eager and stay on top of the latest advancements to make you in-demand by future companies.

Build and Maintain relationships

Getting to know those around you will not only benefit you socially, as you want to get along with everyone, but will also create a network to support you as your career flourishes. To get the most out of your relationships, mention your career ambitions and find out about the career paths of those around you.

Building on these relationships will transform the opportunities you’re exposed to but make sure to maintain them through regular communication. 


Make sure to stay organised, your company may have tools that help with this. You may have found your own method which works best but if not, allocating time to the most important tasks first is a good way to start. A few tools which have been recommended in the past are Trello and Microsoft To-Do list.

All points aside, whilst you’re in your first role, enjoy it! Fully immerse yourself in all opportunities available and make the most of it.

If time comes to make the swap, just know we’re always here to guide you through the next process.

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