Amazing news, you’ve received multiple job offers!

Your next thought will most likely be…. ‘ How on earth am I going to decide which one to take?’

Receiving multiple offers can be exciting, and even validate your feelings about your skillset, however it’s easy to become overwhelmed and struggle to decide which offer to progress with.

We’ve put together 4 tips on how you can decide which job is right for you.

Review your offers

Take time to strip back each offer so you can see the full list of responsibilities, salary, commute, and any additional benefits you may receive. Carefully look over each one, which offer aligns most with the career path you want to take and your values? It’s okay if there’s still more than one at this point.

Compare your favourite offers

If you have a few in the running after reviewing, take a look at what each company are offering. It’s unlikely you will find one which has all the perks i.e. best commute and highest salary so be mindful of your reasons for choosing. Think about what you’re prioritising for your new job.

Seek advice

If you’re truly stuck, ask loved ones around you which job they believe may best-match your personality, skills, and goals. Although be careful as you’ll have greater inside knowledge of each company than they will.

It may be even worth asking your recruiter (if you’ve gone through one) what previous placements have said about the company to gauge a better perspective of what working may be like long term.

Consider company culture

Sometimes culture can be overlooked if you’re in the headspace of just wanting to find new work. However, culture can make a huge difference in whether you’ll enjoy working there and have a good work social life. Feeling excluded could you make you quickly jump back on the job search. Secure the role which provides you with job satisfaction and a healthy work/life balance.

Remember, whatever the decision it should be yours, listen to your gut feeling of where you’ll feel happiest. 

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