Looking for your next contract role?

It can be tough…

Due to the high day rate and short work stints, companies carefully choose who they want as their next contractor.

Contract jobs are great for those who enjoy working on a variety of projects with flexible working, and it’s a great way to build up contacts across the industry.

 Many of our clients will choose contractors over permanent staff if they’re working on particular projects which require expertise in niche areas. 

If you want any chance of success you need to keep ahead of the game to make sure you stand out against the rest.

Want to find out how? Keep reading…

Research the Job Market

Even if you’re currently in a contract role, knowing what else is out there will mean you’ll never have to take a gap between projects. Start by utilising job boards and checking in with technical recruiters to hear what roles they have available. 

Don’t forget to utilise your professional network as much as possible, start conversations on Linkedin and see where fellow workers are at. Networking can be hugely benefit, not just for the short-term vacancies but for long-lasting partnerships. 

Keep your CV up to date.

If you’re regularly changing contracts, it can be hard to stay on top of the ‘admin’, however it’s important to ensure your CV stays up to date, you never know when someone is going to ask for it!

This is your chance to sell yourself – make sure to highlight key, relevant skills you have utilised within each job and emphasise any technical knowledge you have that corresponds to the role you’re applying for. When applying for technical positions it’s important to include specific tools and softwares you’re used, but again, make sure you’re including the ones relevant for the role you’re applying to.

Showcase your technical skills

Get certified in the field you’re going into if you haven’t already. If you’re altering your career path, taking online courses and up-skilling is a great way to show you’re motivated and eager to learn. Another way to prove your technical ability could be to create a portfolio, if applicable. 

Interview Tips 

Interviewing can be a make or break situation, you’ve done the time-consuming bit of applying and now it’s time to sell yourself.

Make sure to prepare for your interview as much as possible, research the company and who will be interviewing you. Understand where the business is heading and it’s place in the market, this is usually clear by having a quick google. If you’ve applied through a recruiter, they can give you greater insight into the company, all you have to do is retain some information to relay back to the hiring manager.

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