Think you’re ready to make the jump?

Quitting a job is often a daunting task for most, as natural people pleasers, we hate the idea of letting someone down. 

However, we all know growth comes outside the comfort zone and it’s extremely unlikely you’re going to stay in the same job forever.

If you’re ready to make the leap, we’ve put together some top tips to ensure leaving goes as smoothly as possible – particularly important if you have a long notice period! 

State your intention

To ensure your email is direct to the point, make sure your subject line clearly indicates this is your resignation. We’d suggest putting ‘Resignation – (Your Name)’ to stress the importance of this email to your manager. Remember in the bulk of your email to state your leaving date and working notice so both you and your current employer are on the same page.


Make sure you’re sending your email to the correct person within the business. Prior to sending, it might be a good idea to look over your contract if you feel unsure on who your point of contact is.


Now, you don’t have to state your reasonings, however it can often help the process, so the company understands your reasons for leaving. If you decide to give a brief explanation, avoid going into too much negativity and wish the business success moving forward.

Transition period 

Talking of moving on, if you’re wanting to leave on good times, it may be beneficial to offer to help with the transition period – i.e helping the company find your replacement, or handover training.


It’s always good to leave on a positive note as you never know where future opportunities may come from. They’d also be more willing to write you a good reference in future.

Leaving is no easy task but try and keep the process as straight forward and friendly as possible, remember there’s endless opportunities out there and it’s probably not the last time you’ll leave a role.

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