Whether you’re submitting your job application or have been invited for an initial interview, you should always research the company in question.

Knowing what you’re getting yourself involved with will be a great first step for you to decide if this role would be one you’d enjoy.

Today we’re running through several ways you can research your potential employer, keep reading!

Company website

More often than not, company website’s will be organised to include their history, mission, products, and services. Make sure to develop deep understanding of what they do so you can easily talk about it in interview. 

Once you know what they do and why they do it, you might know some of their competitors which will give you a grasp of their place in the industry. 

Reviewing the company website is a good first step to get an overview.

Social media

Most companies will have a LinkedIn, some may have other channels like Instagram and Facebook too. Social media is often the first to be updated as it’s a quick way of updating your audience. 

Whilst scrolling through their social media take a look and see if there’s any business BTS so you can get an insider perspective of what it’s like to work there. 

On LinkedIn take a look at a few profiles of people who work there, particularly those who are interviewing you to see their background and expertise. Do any of the employees talk about what it’s like to work there?


Google reviews are a good place to go if you want to see how the business is viewed by employees. Be mindful that not everybody leaves a review and check how long ago these were posted as things can change quick in the workplace.

Glassdoor reviews are ideal to understand what employees think about the company culture, benefits, and management. 

Now it’s time to get researching!

Don’t forget whilst researching to make some notes of potential questions you might want to ask in the interview.

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