Companies want loyal employees, that’s not a secret.

However, many businesses lack a transparent route on how employees can scale up with the business and progress within their own careers.

You can maintain your employee retention by supporting your employees throughout your business.

Here are 4 ways you can encourage healthy career progression in-house….

Set clear goals and expectations.

If your employees understand what is expected of them and the goals they need to achieve, it will help give them a sense of direction. This also allows them to see the bigger picture and how they fit into it.

Provide Feedback

Check in regularly with your employees to better understand their performance and support they may need. Not only does this benefit them in feeling valued by the company, but it can also provide an opportunity to improve performance across the business and re-access your support and training as an employer.

Offer Development Opportunities

Encourage your employees to get involved within the business by offering various routes for development. A few common offerings include professional growth plans and monetary contributions to put towards training and up-skilling workshops.

Reward your employees

If they notice their hard work is being recognised, it will give them more drive to work harder and to contribute more to the business. This doesn’t have to be a large awards ceremony, a simple informal gesture such as handwritten note can go a long way to make your employees feel valued.

Spend time getting to know your employees to understand their career ambitions and how you can support this.

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