The job-hunting process can be a stressful situation to be in, you’re constantly surrounded by competition, and each and every individual is doing all they can to stand out.

Tailoring your CV for each job you apply for is a great way to boost your success rate and help you stand out from fellow applicants.

We’ve put together 5 steps to help you tailor your CV.

1.     Read the job description to understand the requirements of the role, from here you can identify the relevant skills, experiences, and specifics the employer is looking for.

2.     From the initial research, you can then highlight your matched skills and experience. Add keywords from the job description to make your CV the perfect match, and to prove you have fully understood the responsibilities of the role.

3.     Make sure your most relevant experience is first and remove anything that’s either not relevant to the job role or any skills that aren’t transferable. 

4.     Keep your CV concise, try to keep it to 1 page and make sure it screams your skills and experience, after all, this page alone will be selling you to the company.

5.     Match the language used in the job description, if the terminology is similar, it will help flag your CV as relevant. Feel free to copy acronyms and specialised terms if it’s clear in the job description they know what they’re talking about.

Usually when applying to one of our roles, if we believe you could tailor your CV slightly to make your skills stand out, we will advise you. 

Always make sure to proof-read your CV for any mistakes and thoroughly check all the information stated is relevant.

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