Linkedin was voted the #1 best job search engine in 2019 and for good reason too, it’s a place brimming with opportunities and advice from professionals.

If you’re wanting to build a career, LinkedIn is the best place to go. You can network with likeminded people, see the career path many have taken, seek advice from your network AND you can apply for jobs there and then!

We’ve put together some top tips so you can utilise your profile to put you in the perfect head-hunted position.


Optimise your profile to stand out from the crowd by following these steps:

  • Include your job title in your headline
  • Add a bit about you and your career journey in your ‘about you’ section
  • Add your previous workplaces and relevant industry experiences, remember to mention any relevant keywords such as softwares used and industry terminology.
  • Turn your ‘open to work’ settings on, you can add what job titles and opportunities you’re looking for which will flag up to recruiters

To stand out from the crowd, you could share recent projects and successes, this will show your passion towards your work. It can also help explain what soft skills you may have developed, such as communication and managing. 

If you feel it will be beneficial for the jobs you’re applying for, you could complete some LinkedIn skills assessments. This will add badges to your account which will help recommend jobs which are suited to someone with your skillset.


Networking is a huge part of LinkedIn; it’s how you can gain connections and followers.

Building a network of likeminded professionals and companies you admire will be beneficial as you never know who may have an opportunity for you. When looking for work, engaging with posts from others can be a great way to make yourself known to your network.

It’s also worth connecting with a recruitment agency who specialises in your industry so you can see regular job postings.  This way you can keep one eye on the current job market, even if you’re not ‘properly looking’ at the moment. 


On the LinkedIn jobs tab, you can turn on alerts for specific job titles within your location which will make your job hunt easier. It’s worth keeping your CV to hand to ‘easy apply’ whenever a suitable opportunity arises.

When searching for jobs, you can fine-tune your search through location, job title and industry to name a few. 

Here at The Engage Partnership we have a jobs tab brimming with opportunities across Tech and IT, including creative roles. If you’d like to see what’s available, click JOBS.

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