What’s the best thing about working at Engage?

The team dynamic and the support.

Everyone’s so open and friendly and even though everyone has their own market, you can just throw a question out there and you’ll get something that’s useful and supportive back.

Because we’re in such a small office, you could be on a call, and someone will pick up on what’s being said and if there’s something you could have done better there’s always some constructive criticism and help, which is great.

It’s nice to get a perspective from everyone, rather than just being told you need to do this and do that because we’re a team at the end of the day.

What made you want to join Engage?

It was about the support again from everybody. I think that was very clear, even in the interview stages how supportive everyone would be.

When I interviewed, I met with all of the team and although I predominantly chatted with Lewis, I like how he involved them and got their input before making the decision. They’ve got an idea of your personality and they’ve had their input on whether this person would fit well within our team.

It means you’re not going into day one thinking, ‘am I going to fit in, are people going to like me?’ because they’ve already decided that you’ll gel quite well with them.

How has Engage supported you?

In my previous role, I was full-time, and I was paying loads in childcare and afternoon clubs for my two girls. It was making me worse off, to be honest.

Covid happened and I got furloughed and the longer I was on furlough, I thought the likelihood of redundancy was pretty high. So, I started being proactive and Lewis had been reaching out for a little while and I thought, do you know what, I’m happy to have those chats and those initial conversations.

Furlough made me realise I was running myself into the ground and was losing out on time with my little ones, so I decided my next role had to be part-time.

I made Lewis very aware of that from day one. I didn’t want to miss out on time with my kids or be in a situation where I’m having to juggle things and I think that’s quite rare for recruitment to accept someone working part-time given the targets.

Lewis and Engage were really understanding and supportive and it was amazing that he made the decision to bring me in.

Why should people join Engage?

I think a lot of people talk about it because they think that that’s what people want to hear, but honestly, the level of support is next to none. You can’t ask for more.

Everyone is so open, honest, we do try and keep it fun. We like to have a bit of a laugh and we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

We’ll have little bets between us and say, ‘if you can do this, then I’ll get this or if you can do this, I’ll treat you to this.’ It’s little things like that make the days fun.

I think in recruitment you’ve got to have that balance because it can get very, very stressful. So having an office where you’re not taken too seriously, and you can have a bit of fun is important.

We’ve got the PlayStation in there, so if you’ve been feeling a bit stressed, you can have a bit of me time and play a game for half an hour. That’s the kind of environment that I think is needed and it should be done more in recruitment because it can be tough.

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