Why did you join Engage?

Lewis (our director) contacted me a couple of times at the start of my recruitment career and due to his dedication (he messaged me every 2 weeks!!), I thought, what’s the harm in having a quick chat with him?

That was the best decision I’ve ever made so far in my career. I get to work with the funniest, friendliest, and most hard-working recruiters I’ve come across!

They are so helpful and patient with me and I’ve learned (and continue to learn) from them every day!

Also, our commission and bonus scheme is unmatched. I’m so grateful that I joined Engage and found a place I can call home.

How would you describe the team?

We are super chilled and relaxed yet hard-working and results-driven. We are like one big family and everyone always looks out for each other! 

What’s been your highlight so far?

I got 3 offers and made a double deal on the same day! Again, without the supportive team, I wouldn’t be able to do this. 

What are you looking forward to achieving most with Engage?

Of course, I want to become the top biller so, Jack Wilkinson, watch out! 

Why should others join?

Honestly, why wouldn’t you join? At Engage you’ve got everything you ever need!

Friendly environment, amazing commission, bonuses, understanding and helpful boss! JOIN NOW!!

Fancy a chat about what we’re up to at Engage? Give us a call on 0117 450 7700 or email us at info@engagewithus.com

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