It’s safe to say a lot has happened in the first 3 years of the 2020s…

Technology has had quite the journey considering COVID-19 made a huge impact to the industry at the start of the 2020 decade.

Despite covid’s impact, there has been many technological breakthroughs and cutting-edge advancements.

Here are 5 tech advancements which have happened so far in the 2020s…

The rollout of 5G, Person tapping on iPhone

5G rollout 

There has been widespread rollout across the UK and rest of the world

These faster speeds will support the UK infrastructure in a more effective manner. 5G has greater capacity to transmit a higher volume of data which is important as society becomes more dependent on technology.

a visual representation of blockchain


Blockchain records transactions in a way which is secure and decentralised, meaning it offers more protection from scammers and creates a permanent record of all transactions.

Blockchain was originally created to work alongside cryptocurrency but has since developed to support supply chain management and decentralised finance. 

artificial intelligence brain

Artificial Intelligence

Recently discussed in Karen Bakker’s new book ‘The Sounds of Life’, AI technology advancements have made accessibility, sound recordings, and scientific research a whole lot easier.

Some AI robots have been taught to speak animal languages – almost like an animal version of google translate – which is removing the interspecies communication barrier.

quantum computing computer chip

Quantum Computing

Quantum computing uses qubits instead of classical bits to perform calculations, these qubits can exist in multiple states simultaneously which makes them a lot more efficient than classical computers.

The future looks bright for quantum, more companies are looking to invest in building and accessing quantum with the expectation for quantum technologies to expand. For example, quantum sensing, quantum communication and quantum cryptography.

robotic arm


We’ve heard a lot more about robotics in the 2020s than any ever decade – smart devices at home and physical robots. At the beginning of 2023 it was expected that an AI robot lawyer was going to be seen for the first time in court. However, this didn’t happen. Since this, we’ve seen major developments with AI bots, the likes of OpenAi’s Chat GPT, Google’s Bard etc.

It’s safe to say robotics are steadily increasing across most industries and the world.

As we continue to push the extremes of technology, where do you think it will head?

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