I must admit that this the 5th and last installment of “The Diary of a trainee Recruiter” has taken me a little longer than I had hoped to write, but that’s a good thing right – first it was Christmas and secondly, I have been mad busy.

So just before we broke for the Christmas break, I had started working on live vacancies and was having some success in identifying suitable candidates and obtaining interviews for them.

The company Christmas party was later than most as we didn’t sit down for our Christmas meal until Friday 22nd December, which was great as it kept me focused on the job at hand; learning to be the best recruiter I could be. I was really looking forward to the company party, it was in a fantastic restaurant, I know I had never been in such a nice place. We had secret Santa and few glasses of bubbles in the office beforehand. I literally skipped to the restaurant, but it wasn’t because of the fine dining I was about to experience or because of the bubbles but I had received the call that every new person in recruitment wants to hear. “we love your candidate and we would like to proceed to an offer”. Yes – me- Ed, the Grad Trainee had secured an offer for a candidate of a new job, what a Christmas present – candidate over the moon, client so happy that they had the right individual and me – proof that the hard work & training was paying off.

I really enjoyed the Christmas party. I really enjoyed the Christmas break, I wasn’t due back into work until January 2nd, but that didn’t stop me; with a company laptop and everything in the cloud, I just couldn’t stop myself from working. What is it about recruitment, it gets under your skin. I go to bed thinking about recruitment, I dream about recruitment & I wake thinking about recruitment.

So here we are; whilst certainly I am not at the end of my journey, I have so much to learn, skills to develop, networks to build and a whole career with amazing opportunities laid out in front of me, it is the end to my blogs. I have really enjoyed sharing these first 8 weeks with everyone – from my nerves I felt before I started, my first day, the training, the stages I have gone through just to get to where I am now.

I remember right at the very start, we were told that recruitment is a hard and demanding job, most certainly not for everyone. In fact, the majority of graduates don’t even get to where I am now, I am just 2 weeks away from my 3-month probation. Is recruitment for me? – hell yeah. I love the interaction with both candidates and clients, I love the office environment, the competition both internally and externally, I love the fact that I get to change people’s lives (for the better), that I help support and grow people’s business and I love the rewards it brings.

So that’s me Ed signing off. I have now made 3 placements – that’s 3 people’s lives that I have had a positive impact on. I have recruitment in my blood and I have fully paid up to the ride the roller coaster that is recruitment.


By Ed Sims

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