I first got into recruitment in 1994 – it was a different time with different attitudes. I would arrive everyday freshly shaved, double cuff shirt with a cutaway collar, a tie with a windsor knot and in the finest, sharpest suit I could afford. The day would start and end with high volume telephone work and then notes taken home to continue the telephone effort from home. Was this wrong – no, just a different time. Since 1994 I have seen so many good recruiters “burnt out”, leave the industry to follow other dreams, have families or enter a world that doesn’t require every waking moment of the day just to survive.

What a waste, what a loss to the industry this is. How many of these individuals had built up that handful of clients where trust was implied and never asked for. A partnership where the client found the very best candidates not because they scanned a CV, but looked beyond and saw the value in the work the recruiter did. For each of these clients, they likely parted ways with the immortal words “if you ever get back into the industry please contact me straight away”.

This is the lost market, the sleeping giant and great Consultants and relationships that we at The Engage Partnership wish to awaken. Quite simply we have a programme of work that we have called Engage@Home. We are looking to build a network across the UK where we provide the technical support, CRM platform (clients & candidates pre-populated), access to the very best job boards and social networking sites and a robust back office function.

You might have got out of recruitment for all the right reasons but have a few hours a day to spare. You might be a parent who requires school hour work only and not tied to a limited number of holidays or the “emergency day off”; as a parent, I know only too well that call from the school saying “can you pick your child up – they are sick”. Suddenly, panic sets in – “how to I get 2 days holiday with no notice”.

With Engage @ Home you’re your own boss so the panic is removed. You might still be even in recruitment, working for one of those companies who still believe that it’s still 1999 and that the Millennium Bug is about to strike and that by working every hour today will generate your fortune tomorrow.

We simply want to engage with that lost generation of highly experienced consultants and the disillusioned who believe things can be different.

Working independently and earning a significant proportion of your billings, we believe that smart recruiters who understand that quality over quantity will win every time. There is no minimum commitment required from an individual; you truly will get out what you put in.

For more information on our Engage@Home programme please contact myself andy@engagewithus.com and begin your journey into the modern workplace that works for you and your circumstances.

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