Companies have been embracing increased flexibility and technology since the 2020 Covid pandemic, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to change anytime soon. The job market soon caught on and video job interviews are now increasingly common for first stage job interviews.

In fact, according to a Sparkfire survey, 63% of hiring managers currently use video interviewing. 

You may think you’re a zoom pro by now, but when it comes to interviewing online, an extra level of preparation is sure needed! 

Today we’re sharing some top tips to help you prepare for your next online interview.


Make sure to test your equipment to ensure both your sound and video work and produce a high enough quality output. If using headphones, you may want to try these before the call to ensure they’re fit for the job.

We’d recommend using a laptop for a video call rather than a phone, as not only will it be clearer to see but will help you avoid further distractions.

With this comes usernames, make sure your online name is appropriate, if anything, avoid using nicknames and stick to first name – last name. 

Don’t forget to ensure your laptop is fully charged so you don’t have to faff around whilst on the call.


Choose an appropriate background to have the video call which is well-lit and away from distractions and noise.

Now it’s about you

First impressions count remember, so dress smart even if you’re not attending an interview in-person. 

Pay attention to your behaviour and how you’re portraying yourself, try to maintain an open posture and use hand gestures where they feel natural. 

We’d recommend avoid looking down too much, so if you need a few helpful cues, add sticky notes to your monitor prior to the call – although remember, in a typical interview, you won’t usually have additional resources with you.

Avoid practicing too much what you want to say as this could come across scripted, instead keep the conversation going and allow the interviewer to ask questions if they want you to elaborate.  

Don’t forget to maintain eye contact, this is crucial in building rapport and could help you create a great first impression. 

And lastly, join the call early so you have time to sort any issues that might occur.

If you’re confident in your abilities, there’s really nothing to stress about so prepare the best you can and enjoy the interview!

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