Are you on the hunt for a new role, or perhaps curious about what the market is looking like? 

Despite the UK being hit by inflation and hiring fluctuating, salaries are still on the rise!

Since the 2020 Covid pandemic, we’ve noticed a large shift in both salaries and flexibility.

The Software Development market in particular has grown 5.3% YOY for the past 5 years and has been valued at £41 billion. 

So, you may be wondering, ‘well how much can be made in software development?’…

Today we’re sharing 5 software development jobs which are currently booming across the UK. All salaries mentioned are based on the UK average.

Software Developer

Depending on whether you have a niche such as JavaScript, C++ etc, salaries and skills may differ. However, as an average software developer, you’re expected to:

  • Test and Deploy software programmes
  • Troubleshoot and debug existing software
  • Produce clean code
  • Work with fellow developers to design algorithms 

UK average salary: £55k

Full Stack Developer

Full Stack Developers can build both the front and backend of software applications.

A few of the full stack developer responsibilities include….

  • Designing client-side and server-side architecture
  • Building front-end applications with appealing design
  • Writing effective APIs

UK average salary: £67.5k

Mobile Developer 

The clue is in the name, Mobile Developers focus on developing apps for mobiles. You may see some jobs specify for Android or iOS developer.

The skills may vary depending on your niche but as a general Mobile Developer you’ll likely be expected to:

  • Build prototypes
  • Develop APIs to support mobile functionality
  • Carry out testing procedures 

UK average salary: £65k

Embedded Developer

Embedded developers design and write code which control machinery and devices, the programs developed are often for specific hardwares used in cars, and cellular devices. For this reason, embedded developers need a greater depth of understanding of the hardware their code will run on compared to the average software developer.

The responsibilities for an embedded developer are:

  • Designing and implementing software of embedded devices
  • Coding, testing and debugging system software
  • Integrating and validating new product designs 
  • Assess third-party software

UK average salary: £45k

Software Development Engineer in test (SDET)

As an SDET, you’ll be responsible for designing and implementing automated test frameworks. Your day-to-day tasks will largely be development-focused, a few may be:

  • Developing CI/CD pipelines
  • Developing automated test systems
  • Implementing test cases

UK average salary: £80k

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