Tech needs you, me, all of us.

Without the consistent users, developers and coders, technology wouldn’t be anywhere near what it is now.

This fast-evolving sector has led to a huge number of jobs in this century alone… but how many women have you seen in tech?

Truth be told, a survey by PWC concluded only 3% of women say a career in tech was their first choice. This is no surprise as just over ¼ of female students have said they’re put off having a career in tech as it’s too male dominated.

So why do we think this is?


With few women seen in leadership tech roles (5%), this could trickle down to whether women see the industry as having a good career progression structure.

The covid pandemic didn’t make things any easier as it left many isolated from home.

Career Break

Starting a family can create a lengthy career break for most women, and often, it’s a struggle to get back into the position left due to changed circumstances. For example, juggling parenting. Although the tech industry is quite fluid with flexible working, due to this break, it can often take these women longer to get a promotion.

Company Culture

Based on discussions we’ve had with industry leaders, many report working in hostile, ego-centric workforces which women more often than not, don’t thrive within. 

Companies need to encourage and actively work on inclusivity across the workforce to make women feel more welcomed. Empowering employees is a great way to build trust and communication which will improve staff retention. 

Pay Gap

It’s becoming too common to see pay disparities between employees. With today’s gender pay gap in the UK it will take 132 years to reach full global parity; and when it comes to tech roles, men earn 25% more on average compared to their female counterparts.

The tech industry is vast, if you have the transferrable skills and don’t enjoy what you’re currently doing, have a look and see what else is out there.

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